Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cleaning can result in bong water messes

I do have a weekend cleaning routine, although it fails to ever result in a clean house.

I also have a parenting style best described as denial light. My kids probably do things I wouldn't be thrilled about, but they seem so happy it can't be worth worrying about, right?

Wrong-o. Whilst putting away my 16 year old son's clothing, I realized he'd left a sweatshirt on the floor behind his clothes. It was wet. Odd, I thought, as I pulled it out. Then leapt back as a giant bong tipped over, splashing bong water all over me and the floor.

Turns out the bong belongs to his brother. Who is 13.

Denial. Not the right tool for parents of toking teens.

On the plus side, giant bong would make a good band name, but nuclear fungus is still my favourite.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nuclear family

I am now a proud member of a 2 parent 2 kids at home nuclear family. Teen daughter decided, after 15 years with younger brothers, to head to the Canadian university that is second-farthest from home; UBC.

Pluses I anticipated: less laundry, one bedroom that remains tidy.

Pluses not materializing: cleaner bathrooms. Turns out it's bad aim from the boys that makes my weekend cleaning routine revolting.

The minus is missing my lovely, intelligent and funny daughter, and of course I was expecting that. But I also ignored it, as I didn't want to spend my summer being sad she was leaving.

I was feeling sorry for myself as I headed out to the Vancouver airport, then I saw an older guy tell his son they were at their stop. He wheeled his middle-aged son off the Skytrain, and I realized how enormously lucky I am to be able to drop my child off at university. Privilege can be invisible if you don't look for it, or recognize it as privilege when you see others who are less fortunate.

Now I am feeling lucky, and broke, and ready for a school year with only 2 kids at home. I'm going to blog more, now that this network actually works with an iPad! Maybe I'll even blog about the raging sexism in the atheist blogosphere, which is the part of the internet I spend much of my online time visiting. Although apparently saying guys, don't do that is likely to result in substantial abuse. Ah well, that assumes anyone reads this!

Happy end of summer, imaginary readers.