Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cleaning can result in bong water messes

I do have a weekend cleaning routine, although it fails to ever result in a clean house.

I also have a parenting style best described as denial light. My kids probably do things I wouldn't be thrilled about, but they seem so happy it can't be worth worrying about, right?

Wrong-o. Whilst putting away my 16 year old son's clothing, I realized he'd left a sweatshirt on the floor behind his clothes. It was wet. Odd, I thought, as I pulled it out. Then leapt back as a giant bong tipped over, splashing bong water all over me and the floor.

Turns out the bong belongs to his brother. Who is 13.

Denial. Not the right tool for parents of toking teens.

On the plus side, giant bong would make a good band name, but nuclear fungus is still my favourite.